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The Final

- - 24th August 2019 - -

In the future world of the early 1980s, in a faraway land called New Zealand. Two kids independently discovered an electric universe of light, colour, and 4 channel sound. This was Atari. This was Adam & Bob. This was xlxe. Thanks so much for listening over the past year, it's been an absolute pleasure to be among you. So long and thanks for all the fish.
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Ultima IV & Drelbs

- - 28th July 2019 - -

Wherein we banter all over Ultima IV, Archon, Theatre Europe and discover who won our Drelbs score challenge. Somehow we also waggle our Quickshots over Summer Games too
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Ghostbusters & Seven Cities of Gold

- - 17th March 2019 - -

Wherein we muse over the gameplay vs. morality of Seven Cities of Gold, and try to put Mr. Staypuft in a gender box. Come join the banter and find out more about Hacker, Wargames and open world games. Also, will Adam's proton pack last out over Bob's containment unit? Find out now, and DON'T CROSS THE STREAMS! Catch us on Twitter @xlxepodcast & @misfitmovies @gurubobnz, see you bye, ta-rah!
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Blue Max

- - 13th January 2019 - -

Wherein we take to the skies in the best Atari 8-bit flying games. Featuring the vocal stylings of Bob Brown & Adam Simpson Engineered by Bob Brown Amazing theme music by Stef Animal Find her here: We're on Twitter @xlxepodcast & @misfitmovies @gurubobnz
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The Great American Cross Country Road Race

- - 11th November 2018 - -

Wherein we race through some of the more legendary driving games of our kiwi youth including Pole Position, Pitstops 1 & 2, Fire Chief, the Last V8 and more! Also, where have we been? what have we been buying? and who's getting the beers in? Featuring Bob Brown (@gurubobnz) & Adam Simpson (@misfitmovies) And theme music by Stef Animal. Find her coolness here:
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Bruce Lee

- - 19th August 2018 - -

Wherein we banter about the great Atari 8bit platformers of our youth! Featuring Title music by Stef Animal. Find her great album of retro sounding goodness here:
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Star Raiders 2 & Mercenary

- - 22nd July 2018 - -

Wherein we wonder if our teenaged selves are still stuck on Targ in 1985's Mercenary and Star Raiders 2 or The Last Starfighter, which were you? and who won our SR2 challenge this week? With great title music by @Stef_Animal and support by: SHINY - Video Post Production Turboweb - Website Design
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- - 8th July 2018 - -

Wherein we go all in on the 1982 Atari classic Getaway! Plus great memories of other APX games we loved in the 80s. Also who wins our Getaway! challenge?
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In the Beginning

- - 1st July 2018 - -

xlxe episode 1 Wherein we discuss how these magic boxes appeared in our homes, how they changed us and vice versa and our first games.
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xlxe pilot test ep 0

- - 30th June 2018 - -

A technical test pilot, wherein is discussed our amazing pilot theme music, the great game it came from and the story of it's composition; our other encounters with early computerised musics; the origin of BBSs; and how the Ultima series got started. Actually very little to do with Atari 8bit computers but full of retro gaming goodness.
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Intro beta

- - 28th June 2018 - -

Still working on this but here's a beta of our title featuring the awesome musical stylings of @stef_animal Find more of her retro-tech inspired music at
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Atari 8bit musics

- - 29th April 2018 - -

A tester
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